Paula moved to Gagetown, New Brunswick Canada with her husband, artist Larry Eisenstein in January 2020 just as Wuhan China was shutting down with the first cases of Covid-19.                                                                                                       Vedic astrology has a timing system called Vimshottori Dasha. Its starting moment is based on the placement of the moon at birth. Different times or Dasha periods are good for different expressions of a person's energy. Paula's move to rural New Brunswick corresponded to her shifting into her Ketu Dasha.                                       Ketu is good for retreat. It likes rural. It is connected to the mystical and to shifts of perception. While a move to a rural area wasn't intended to be as extensive a retreat as Covid-19 made it, it has proven an optimal time for Paula to pick up her passion for astrology through study with Vedic Astrologer Dennis Flaherty.                                                                                                                                                                  To contact Paula for a consultation to discuss where you are, in what part of your life and how best to be in it, please email:

on twitter: @ppareisen