Paula grew up in London Ontario. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Allison University in Sackville NB.

Paula wrote the first draft of her novel Flip Turn in 2006 quite speedily. Based on her coming of age years, its method was inspired by a head full of symbolism brought on by her astrological studies with Noel Tyl and energized by a morning swim workout at the North York Y.   


It took a while to find a publisher. She pursued the usual avenues. She discovered that often what publishers wanted was writing from writers with work that had already been published. She had gone about things backwards  (like any good Aquarian).

Paula went about getting involved in the Toronto literary community. She went to a Stuart Ross poetry boot camp. She participated in Margaret Chirstakos' Influency Salon. Paula began to get her work published in literary magazines and anthologies.

Oddly, it was a through a Stuart Ross Facebook post that Paula found her editor (Stuart!) and publisher, Mansfield Press! 


Since publishing her first novel in 2012 Paula has had her poetry and prose published in literary magazines like The Puritan, The Rusty Toque and filling Station.